How we maintain a spotless safety record

Company Policy

It is the policy of this company to ensure a safe, healthful workplace for all it’s employees. SkyMast Energy employes an effective accident and illness prevention program that involves all its employees in the effort to eliminate workplace hazards.


The management team is accountable for preventing workplace incidents, injuries and illnesses. SkyMast Energy management provides top-level support of our safety program initiatives.


SkyMast Energy supervisors are responsible for supervising and training workers in safe work practices. Supervisors lead SkyMast Energy safety efforts by example.

Safety Committee

The safety committee includes employer and employee representatives who are responsible for recommending safety and health improvements in the workplace. The committee is also responsible for identifying hazards and unsafe work practices, removing obstacles to incident prevention and helping the company evaluate the accident and illness prevention program.

Team Members

All employees are expected and encouraged to participate in safety and health program activities. Every SkyMast Energy team member has the authority to stop work.

Cautious exhilaration

SkyMast Safety and Quality Crew

Greg Blount
Director of Safety & Quality

Greg started with Torkworks, LP. In 2021 as the HSEQ Director. He came over to SkyMast Energy, LLC. when it was formed in 2022. Greg has been an HSE Professional for over 34 years with experience in the Oil & Gas industry. He has worked around the world in Offshore & Onshore segments of the industry.  Greg has experience managing HSE and leading teams, projects, and entire corporations from strategy to execution. His method of Safety Management, Personnel Supervision Techniques & Behavioural Based Safety has proven to be quite rewarding for employees and companies by creating & flourishing the safety culture which has lowered Incident Rates in very dangerous working environments. Greg has familiarity and established relationships with Federal & Multi -State entities in the US & Canada that oversee HSE Regulations. His strong ability to work with all types of personalities by developing trust inside the workforce (Executives, Managers, Employees & Contractors) it has given him a unique ability to work with Executive, Operational and HSE Management to successfully install & maintain a “World Class” safety culture with honesty, integrity, and accountability. Greg attended The University of Alabama graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in 1989. Greg is married with 2 sons & has been a resident of The Woodlands, TX. for 23 years.

Andrea Torres
AR Specialist and Safety & Quality Process Administrator

Andrea Torres is an accomplished  AR Specialist and Safety & Quality Process Administrator passionate about renewable energy, with ten years of experience in the Renewable and Valve sectors. Andrea Torres has demonstrated a strong aptitude for Safety & Quality Processes throughout her career. As a part of the SHEQ team, Andrea Torres is committed to delivering exceptional results. She possesses excellent problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic. Currently, Andrea Torres is enrolled at SHSU for her B.S. in Accounting. She is a team player, an effective communicator, and a creative thinker. She continuously seeks to expand her knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and advancements to bring new expectations to industry standards. Andrea Torres enjoys traveling and spending time with her family outside of work.

Jessee Cochran
Payroll and Quality Assurance Auditor

Jessee Cochran is a committed renewable energy professional who embarked on his journey in this sector by acquiring an AA in Renewable Energy from MIAT in 2018. He immediately dove into the industry in 2019, starting his career as an entry-level wind technician with the company. Over time, he showcased immense growth and strategic acumen, advancing from the ground level to the position of Operations Management. Currently, Jessee serves as the Payroll Administrator and Quality Assurance Auditor, ensuring optimal organizational performance. He possesses an intrinsic understanding of the business and its everyday challenges, contributing to sustainable solutions in the renewable energy sector.