How we maintain a spotless safety record

Company Policy

It is the policy of this company to ensure a safe, healthful workplace for all it’s employees. SkyMast Energy employes an effective accident and illness prevention program that involves all its employees in the effort to eliminate workplace hazards.


The management team is accountable for preventing workplace incidents, injuries and illnesses. SkyMast Energy management provides top-level support of our safety program initiatives.


SkyMast Energy supervisors are responsible for supervising and training workers in safe work practices. Supervisors lead SkyMast Energy safety efforts by example.

Safety Committee

The safety committee includes employer and employee representatives who are responsible for recommending safety and health improvements in the workplace. The committee is also responsible for identifying hazards and unsafe work practices, removing obstacles to incident prevention and helping the company evaluate the accident and illness prevention program.

Team Members

All employees are expected and encouraged to participate in safety and health program activities. Every SkyMast Energy team member has the authority to stop work.

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